Sonia Ovsiannikova, web developer

Work in the industry since 1997, specialize on visual development: HTML/CSS, XML/XSL.

The listed below projects are result of collective work. They have been developed in a team of the employer.

2005 — Present


Involved in several projects.

Volunteer at Pomogi.Org Charity Foundation. Responsible for foundation website development and support, working with texts, photos, etc.

2001—2005, Moscow

Art. Lebedev Studio, production engineer

Websites visual development: (HTML/CSS, XML/XSL, Parser):

1999—2001, St. Petersburg

DataArt, web developer

Websites visual development and support (HTML, DHTML):

1997—1999, St. Petersburg

Internet provider Nevalink, web developer

Websites development and support (HTML):

Independent projects: