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My friends and I were in Georgia just for 4 days, and we saw only two places, Tbilisi and Mtskheta. But I want to return there next year and see more.

Tbilisi is very beautiful city, and very original. Small streets, traditional Georgian architecture, two-three-storey houses with carved balconys ans verandahs, pictorial embankments of Kura river, a lot of churches and monuments. And mountains! Of course, you can see that now Georgia is not rich country, many buildings ans streets are out of fix. But it is really, really interesting place to visit.

Mtskheta was a capital of the Georgian Kingdom of Iberia during the 3rd century BC — 5th century AD, and until 12th century the Georgian church residence was situated there. I was there just for one day, but had time to visit its main places — Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and Jvari Monastery. Also I visit functioning wimen monastery Samtavro, it is very peaceful place.

I am sure you hear a lot about Georgian food. It is miracle! “Khachapuri” (thin pie filled with mildly salted cheese), “khinkali” (big mutton dumplings), “lobio” (kidney bean), “sulguni” cheese, “shashlik” — I love it. And of course famous Georgian wine — Khvanchkara, Saperavi, Makuzani. And also the good point is that prices are very low, so you can try whatever you want.

Georgian people are really very friendly, and I was glad to communicate with them. All of them in Tbilisi know Russian, so I did not have problems with language, and young people know English even better. But I afraid that piople in very small places speak only Georgian, so if you want to go to mountains it is better to have “local” people company with you. And I wouldn’t advise you to drive yourselves in Georgia, it is quite complicated for new people, and also road signs are only in Georgian. But is is very easy to hire driver with his own car there, like we did, and go to Mtskheta or somewhere, or you can use taxi in cities.

Full story about my visit to Georgia in Russian, I will try to translate it soon and post here.

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